October 25th, 2010

My friend Ben up a tree

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October 25th, 2010

Tour Diary 5 – Byron Bay part 2

It was Steve’s last night on the tour last night in Byron. In celebration (for him, not for us – we are sad) Sarah and i decorated his work station! Here he is trying to look happy about all the shit everywhere.

Just before we went on stage we had an incredibly inappropriate and silly conversation, resulting in me not being able to look at Kate the entire show, in fear i would burst out laughing. Wishing i had written some not-so-serious songs for situations like these… We are staying with the lovely Brett and Jenny in their home in Lennox Head, mooching their internet and eating their food whilst they play us awesome music and just generally act as lovely hosts. I could ¬†quite easily stay here for quite some time.. Tamworth tomorrow!

celery leaves. pretty!

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October 24th, 2010

Tour Diary 4

A couple of days at home mid-tour always feels nice. Also, it gave us time to make the crew capes.

The topic of capes arose because i had made Sarah this little felt marching band banner for her bell table which was worn around as a cape a few times.

Soon enough everyone wanted a cape.  And really, it was really the least we could do seeing these people have been doing my lights, carrying my stuff, organising my days, doing my sound, and making me smile every day.

It was quite an experience playing at QPAC, although slightly overshadowed by my excitement for giving everyone their capes.

The show at Southport was in a new venue called Stereo, which had a bit of a different vibe to most of the other venues we have been playing. There was a bar in the room! woo! People were excited they could drink whilst watching the bands, a luxury the rest of us really take for granted at shows.

Byron last night was back to quiet theatre vibe, although the community hall here is small and intimate and it felt a bit like i was playing in someone lounge room. I liked it. There were two young boys sitting a metre in front of me with their arms crossed for the entire set. They really made me want to be less boring. Consequently i chatted (no penis talk though, phew!) and danced around a bit more than usual. A friend of mine showed me a photo after the show where i looked a bit like that scary scene in the ring where that girl has no real face – only hair face and scary eyes. Think i might start wearing my hair up…

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October 20th, 2010

Tour Diary 3

Rockhampton – Beef Capital and Kate’s hometown. She is a celebrity here! In the paper and everything! Also, her mum makes amazing pumpkin soup and is incredibly hospitable.

Bundaberg – Accidentally got ‘Penis’ Tourette’s on stage. Kate and I said it about 12 times during our set. Not entirely sure why or how that happened. Sorry Bunderberg…

Nambour – Tried not to talk on stage

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