November 9th, 2010

Tour Diary 7

After 24 shows, 160 little felt synthesizer broaches & magnets sold, more than 36 games of Words With Friends, probably hundreds of naughty words on stage, and many good times, we made it back home safe and sound, slightly exhausted, but feeling optimistic.

It was pretty sad saying goodbye to everyone in Perth after 3 incredibly memorable shows at The Astor. A beautiful venue and best band room ever!! It’s a cinema!!

The last show of the tour involved many little special moments: song dedications, special guests (see Ben Fletcher playing Framed You In Fiction with us below)

Presents left on stage and work stations (We made these for the band and crew)

and a grand finale of us all crowding around the piano in the final encore, in a Von Trapp family-esque fashion, singing Xanadu together.


What a lovely tour. Thank you Sarah and band and crew!! And thank you so much to all the kind people who came to the shows early to see us play. We had the best time!



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November 3rd, 2010

Tour Diary 6

I am sitting here in Sydney, contemplating giving you an account of everything that has happened since last time I wrote (a week ago?) but I have to tell you, I can not for the life of me remember anything worth writing a blog about. (I do realise this is all relative, and I do sometimes wonder how interesting any of this really is to anyone that’s not me – hopefully a little bit?).

What I CAN tell you is that we played shows in Tamworth, Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Sydney and Canberra, all of which I’m fairly sure went pretty well. Tried to do an experiment in how many times I said penis on stage to how much merch I sold in Port Macquarie. I think its safe to say that people quite like it when girls swear. But I keep thinking I should really stop lowering the tone of these beautiful venues. Perhaps I’ll leave the potty-mouthed humour to the rowdier shows. Having said that, a couple of days after I said ‘balls’ a few times on stage. What is wrong with me? It’s like an addiction!

It’s been nice to have some time off in Sydney. Playing at the Enmore was a real treat too and we did much celebrating afterwards. I apologise to Canberra for perhaps not having the most amount of enthusiasm the next day. Everything hurtsies…

Only 4 shows to go now. Gosh that went quickly

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