‘Here Is One I Know You Know’ collaborators

Check out these lovely special guests who played on the album!

Hotmagnets – Production assist, noise merchant, computer bongos

Fred Armisen – Octobans – Change on the Horizon 

Jen Boyce (Ballpark Music) – Bass – All Your Sorries, Es Passt

George Browning (Velociraptor) – Drums and Percussion – all

Conrad Greenleaf (Richard in Your Mind) – Bass – Change on the Horizon 

Chris Farrer (The Quickening) – Guitar solo – All your Sorries, Minor Chords, Major Problems 

Georgia Mooney (All Our Exes Live in Texas) – Backing Vocals –  Home 

Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint) – Percussion – Change on the Horizon 

Nicole Perry – Congas – Luck of Numbers, Minor Chords, Major Problems 

Danny Widdicombe – Pedal steel – Es Passt

Mixed by John Lee

Mastered by Ryan Dahle 

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