Plaster Pony

Hello friends

I would like you to meet my new studio buddy. I painted him at  my friend’s birthday party recently and he’s been keeping me company.

I want to name him something cute but i want to name all things Frank for some reason. Perhaps you could help me come up with a more suited name?

This last weeks have been very productive and exciting because we not only got to squelch, buzz, strum, and hum around my home studio, we also got to clank and clop around a bit at Airlock Studios in Samford. I got to spend my birthday playing a baby grand piano, a Wurlitzer and a Hammond with a Leslie there. I felt like a very lucky girl.

There is lots of work left to do and I will post more photos very soon. I will also reveal some very special guests as the album gets a little closer to being finished.
I just spent the weekend in Sydney and got to watch a few Vivid shows at the Opera House. Janelle Monae and band were incredible. I also went to see my label mates Seekae play with an 8-piece string section. Very impressive and inspiring. Adjectives starting with ‘I’ seem to be what I use to describe Vivid shows. But I really mean it :)
Here is a shitty photo I took of the Seekae show —–>
Until next time
Lots of love
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