Tour Diary 2 – North QLD

Not very good at this blogging thing am i? Will try harder to update more regularly…

This is our sweet ride for this leg of the tour. It’s making me embrace my inner bogan. And it turns out, Kate missed her calling as a car model, as this pose (and many others similar) came incredibly natural to her.

Cairns was hot. We all got a little too much sun and became increasingly silly as it seeped through our bodies and brains. Hilarious (to us) stage banter ensued and a good show was played. My dear friend Martine, who used to manage Sekiden, came to the show. It was really nice to catch up and reminisce about old times and things.

While we were playing in Townsville, the lighting created some kind of black curtain beyond the first 2 rows of seats, and I found myself just glaring into the darkness during songs, becoming increasingly aware that i may be staring at one person unintentionally, and probably making them feel a bit uncomfortable. This thought was so consuming for some reason that i forgot i was playing a show and consequently completely fucked up the chords of the song ….Luckily when i explained to the audience what had happened, and apologised to the dude i had been intently staring at, they seemed to think it was funny, forgave me and the rest of the show went well. Phew!

I think there was some kind of Rock Eisteddfod at the Mackay Entertainment Centre the same night as us, so the backstage area was overun by young kids dressed as cute things and crying ballarinas. The little gingerbread man was my favourite. i wish i had taken a photo of him, but felt a bit creepy taking photos of kids i had never met.

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